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In 2020 the WORD OF THE YEAR was apparently the THING OF THE YEAR.  So, of course, I was all over it. After throwing away 3 or 4 perfectly good words, I realized my 2020-Word didn’t have to be perfect, just like I tell myself every day: “Hey Robin, this or that or YOU don’t have to be perfect, so calm down girl!”  And then BAM!  The most perfect word got stuck in my head: “EVOLVE.”  I loved how it sounded and loved what I thought it meant.  But before putting it out into the universe, and on social media, and on a coffee mug, tee-shirt, and jewelry, I did one important thing:  I checked Urban Dictionary.  Now for ya’ll who don’t know what Urban Dictionary is, well it’s an online dictionary for slang words and phrases.  And usually not even close to being PG.

The first definition for “evolve” and I quote: “A music festival held annually in Antigonish, NS, Canada.” * big PG-lovin’ mom sigh.  Used in a sentence: “We’re going to dance our faces off at Evolve!”  Seriously? DANCE is one of my Ridiculously Unperfect partners, JoAnna’s 2020-Word!  What are the chances both our words were in the same sentence?  Feeling safe now, I skipped over to check with Merriam-Webster: unfold, unravel, develop gradually.  *Just. What. I. Needed. To. Hear.*  

Last year was a BIG YEAR for me: I turned 55.   “55” is “LV” in roman numerals and the initials of the beloved Louis Vuitton, which made 55 hip.  #silverlinings.  We also became EmptyNesters and after 3-zillion (fantastic) years of being a stay-at-home mom, I felt I had lost: my role, title, and purpose.  So Now What???  I wasn’t sure but I certainly felt like I needed to hurry up and make it perfect… And now I had the perfect word to help me fight the pressure of PERFECT.  It’s ok to EVOLVE.  Life’s a process.  Sometimes an unexpected detour takes you in a totally different direction.  Some of these detours have made my life fundamentally different & way, way better!  New people, connections, opportunities, and new things to learn.  “EVOLVE”…and another unexpected surprise: “evoLVe” contains my beloved LV This may be my Word-of-The-Year for many years to come. 

1. We are all work in PROGRESS.  We’re still loading, becoming, figuring out our 
Now What? 
and it is so, so good to embrace the journey, not the perfect!  

2. Birthdates in roman numerals are the only way to go.  

3. “evoLVe” used in a sentence from Merriam-Websters (seriously): ” Her company has evolved from a hobby into a  thriving business!”  Well, many thanks Merriam for the vote of confidence in SoLongPTA!

*after 56 years with the name “Robin,” I’ve just learned to embrace it and the bird-thing.  Apologies in advance.